behaviour rules

Hi first,

My name is Uli Wehde and I come from a time when a handshake was often more serious than signing a piece of paper.

That’s why the „you“ applies in my house – and not the „you“.

All guests, as well as staff, address each other with their first names and the „du“.

I do, however, require mutual respect – or maybe because of that!

If you have an issue in your room (e.g. a missing hook for a towel or whatever), please let me know. Either I’ll improve it during your time here or the next guest will feel more comfortable at the latest.

I myself was on assembly work for a while and I’m trying to realize and offer everything here that I was missing at the time to feel comfortable in my job.

The motto in this house is also: we don’t live to work, we work to live. And so a small oasis should be created here, which should also offer space for a little relaxation when working far away from home.

Always remember, we only have one life.

This is another reason why I choose my guests and not my guests me. It just has to fit. But I can make a mistake too. Therefore, please excuse us in advance if there should ever be a guest who will certainly not move in here a second time.

You can find everything else about house rules (which house doesn’t offer this?) further down on this page.

And those are just rules that anyone should be aware of from a civilized home. Other rules do not apply here!

Regular cleaning
In order to be able to keep our low prices, the rooms are only cleaned weekly.

Anything that gets in the way on the day (e.g. a suitcase) will not be touched. Then there is no cleaning. It is cleaned everywhere around it. Except in the bathroom, of course. But please make sure that the window is not full. So that windows and window sills can also be cleaned.

So please don’t leave anything unthinking. Certainly no valuables! So that the cleaning crew gets through well. Thank you very much

Our house rules
Dear guests / fitters!
Our accommodation should be a little home for you. You, your colleagues, employees and our other guests should always feel comfortable with us! We ask you to stick to the following small rules.

In general, please note:
If you should miss something in our accommodation, something should be improved or if we can be of any help to you, just let us know. We’re happy to help. Please handle the facility with care so that the next guests can benefit from it and feel comfortable.

Should you incur any damage to the facility, we ask that you notify us immediately. Such things can usually be clarified quickly and easily via liability insurance.

Please make sure that your acquaintances, colleagues or employees also adhere to these small house rules.

The kitchen:
We ask you to clean the sink / refrigerator before your departure so that the next users will also find a clean cooking area. Don’t want to wash up? No problem, for 30 euros our cleaning staff will take care of it for you at the end. If the kitchen wasn’t left clean and you forgot to put the money down for the girl, I’ll be happy to send you or your employer another invoice. Is everything OK.

Please also air the rooms regularly.

IMPORTANT – Waste separation:
Please separate your rubbish carefully into the designated bins. Yellow bags are placed all over the corridors.

NO leftovers go in the yellow bags!
Only plastic, tin (e.g. empty food cans) and beverage bags (e.g. milk cartons)

I repeat again:
NO leftovers
NO cardboard
No paper

If you need a garbage bag, just ask. Don’t just throw the rubbish in the rubbish bin without a rubbish bag!

We only ask you to smoke outside or at the bar. Smoking is not permitted in the rooms and corridors of our fitter’s accommodation. If you do not comply, I will charge you for a complete cleaning of not less than 150 euros (depending on the size of the room).

The bathroom:
The bathroom is cleaned regularly. Please be sure to open the windows after showering!

Please do not dispose of leftovers in the toilet.

Our rest times / lunch times:
In order for you and your colleagues to be able to go to work fit and well rested tomorrow, you have to be quiet at night from Monday to Thursday, from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Your duty of care:
Please close all windows and doors before you leave your fitter’s accommodation.

Please also make sure that all lights and the stove are switched off.

The landlord is not liable for valuables and cloakroom.

As a tenant / guest you will receive a pin code and a room key. Or rather, the key is in the door to your reserved room upon arrival. If the key is lost, the locking system must be replaced. The costs are to be borne by the polluter!

Please only use the designated or public parking spaces. There are 8 parking spaces directly at the house – provided you park in such a way that you do not block 3 parking spaces by blind parking! There are even men who need more than 3 spaces to park. Then please use public parking spaces and do not block our spaces, thank you. If you park on someone else’s / neighboring property, you shouldn’t be surprised at the trouble afterwards.

Please make sure that the main aisle is always closed after use. Thanks.

The bar on the ground floor:
The bar on the ground floor is open (except of course during the corona pandemic!):

Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
Fridays from 8:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m

Check out:
The room must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. When checking out, please leave the room at least swept clean. Used cutlery / crockery must be washed and put away again. If the dishes have not been done, the cleaning staff will look forward to the additional income thanks to another bill to you

When checking out, close the windows and leave the key in the room door from the inside, just as you found it on arrival, thank you.

When leaving the house, of course, do not leave the room door and the front door open!