Code lock at the entrance

or: contactless check-in and check-out possible

So that you can arrive at any time, the castle guard ENTRYeasy 5601

(Check-in of course still only from 3 p.m.!)

Activate the keyboard by pressing the button (1) briefly (without using force, it’s very easy).

Now the display lights up.

Now simply enter your pin code on the control panel (2) and the display will show: please rotate the doorknob. BUT ONLY TWIST AND DO NOT PULL!!

The knob remains active for a few seconds, during which you can open the door in peace.

As soon as your reservation is confirmed, I will text you the access code and your room number no later than on the day of your arrival (I need your phone number for this, of course).

Of course, the code is only valid for the duration of your reservation.