Fire alarm behavior

It happens that the smoke detectors in the rooms report a fire (smoke).
this can be started by the smoke detector in your own room.

e.g. when cooking (window not open, or fat fried in the pan for too long and the fumes trigger an alarm, an electrical device catches fire, such as a battery when charging the smartphone)
the smoke detector in your own room sounds an alarm because it has received an alarm message from another smoke detector. Well, everything’s fine in his own room, but he’s still beeping like crazy

What do I have to do now?

Keep Calm!
Under no circumstances should you remove the smoke detector from the holder in order to deactivate it! No matter which smoke detector it is! The smoke detectors are connected to each other by radio signals.
provide fresh air so that the toxic vapors can escape (open windows and doors)!
If possible, extinguish the source of the fire immediately.
How can I delete this?
– Pull out the power plug
– Throw a towel over it and smother the fire
– Remove the pan from the stove and switch off the stove
– Fire extinguishers are available in the corridors on every floor
Warn guests if fire cannot be contained and leave home – dial 112 to call fire services.
Or reassure guests if it was a false alarm (e.g. while cooking)
wait until all smoke detectors switch themselves off as soon as the danger is over (ventilate sufficiently = open windows, open room door, open window in the hallway or open the exit door on the ground floor so that there is a draft of air and fresh air comes into the house).

So, in the end, the smoke detectors switch themselves off again. DO NOT TAKE OUT AND MAKE DEAD. This is forbidden, punishable by law and endangers human life.